Desert Racing is Life

What an amazing experience!! THIS is the post you have all been waiting for!

Thank you Southwest Texas Off Road Racing – STORR for a fantastic experience!

Loved the Big Daddy 150!

So if you are interested in how it went- keep reading..

It was hot 🥵 Over 100 degrees. We got to the races early and met some new friends! Chatted about racing and heard about more places to check out! 🤔

There were 9 other vehicles in the Sportsman UTV class. We drew #2 to start. My Sexy Viking is driver, I am co-driver.

I used the GPS race map, and visual cues on the course (arrows) to let Jeramy know when there was a curve and when to turn. We also had headsets so we could hear each other.

Each lap was approximately 26 miles and the race was 4 laps in total.

🏁First lap:

Got used to the turns. The map and face shield would get dusty. The visibility when this would happen was slim to none. Regardless, We felt great. Passed a vehicle. Darn dash camera fell off (sorry that’s why we really don’t have video).

🏁Second lap:

We didn’t stop for fuel this time around and kept going. Felt strong. I started understanding how to read the GPS and visual cues a little better. We caught more dust because we had to pass another vehicle, one also passed us. Jeramy was a bad ass with his driving.

🏁Third lap:

We didn’t fuel up and figured we would wait until the last lap. We felt strong and there were less vehicles and dust because others had stopped for their pit stop. Some lessons learned were the phone dying (it had our GPS) and then using the backup battery.

Then- as we were taking a hard left we hit an embankment and the UTV plopped on it’s side (landed on driver side). Shit. Jeramy got out and I got out. He was trying to winch us back on all 4’s but in the desert there are only shrubs to winch to. My phone kept ringing and I answered it… my Life360 app was calling saying they detected a crash 😂😂😂. I said we were okay and hung up. Then, another vehicle came upon us- the driver and co-driver got out and we all lifted the UTV back on all tires (this was not easy). Those guys were amazing for stopping and it was truly humbling. At this point probably 10 minutes had passed.. we scrambled and picked up anything that fell out and got back in the UTV. (RIP to my cool, teal sunglasses). We no longer had our map/GPS capability, and the com in our helmets was gone. The light bar had fallen off so I was holding it. Guess what..? We kept going. We used our visuals and hand signals and finished lap 3. Strong.

🏁Final Lap:

There was no way in holy hell that we weren’t finishing this race. I have been a runner my whole life and if my legs are working and I am breathing- I finish. So why would this be different? We pulled into the pit; our pit crew ready. Not only our 3 boys but our new friends. We fueled up, and pried off the hanging lightbar 😂. PS- we also hydrated cause it was HOT!

Off we went. And STRONG! By this time we were more familiar with the course. We still didn’t have com but I got the map back up. We used hand signals to communicate the turns and curves. Jeramy kicked ass and picked up so much speed. Because of us getting everything together at the end of the 3rd lap- I didn’t get to see where we were at for time (you will see laps 1, 2, 3 but 3 is a combo of 3 and 4). We were almost done with this lap and a random dust storm hit! Crazy! We finished up the race, came down the straightaway and done!!!!

Guess what???

5th place 🏆 in 2 hours and 38 minutes!

Freakin’ fantastic! Our first ever desert race AND we tipped over!!! I call it a win.

I just want to say thank you to everyone near and far that have been watching us and cheering us on. When Jeramy and I met 4 years ago we would talk about doing a desert race together. Today we did… and there will be more to come!!

We have had a few organizations as about sponsoring our next race- contact us and let’s get this going! This is only the beginning!

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