Bustin’ Goals

Ok.. I have to pat myself on the back.

A few months ago (back in August) I was talking about doing this new thing (new to me) called a DietBet. Basically it’s where you “bet” money that you will hit your weight loss goal and if you hit that goal- you split the overall pot with everyone who hit theirs. I’ve won over $100 at this point and my DietBet ending in Feb- I already hit that goal!

I was really nervous about using the number on the scale to determine “success” but it actually helped me with accountability.

I only weighed myself monthly.

I did not meet 2 of my weigh ins and I was okay with that.

I was able to use all my tools to be successful (Keto, IF, exercise, WLS, supportive friends).

This is the scary part… I set a personal goal and I am 13 pounds away… I told myself that doing another DietBet wouldn’t work because I wasn’t feeling confident that my body could lose more than 1lb a month at this point.

Ya know what? Eff that. Why stop when I am riding a good wave? (I talk about motivation in 4 Things to do When on the Motivation Struggle Bus)

So I signed up for another 6 month DietBet (insert squeal of fear and excitement). The worst that can happen is I stay the same weight as I am right now (which is fine!). The best thing would be is me making my goals and making $$$! (I talk about my 2019 goals in Loving Yourself for the New Year)

I’m also pairing this with a StepBet which has helped me stay active.

I’m sharing the link to the DietBet I signed up for. The pot is HUGE! If you are wanting to do this together let me know!



Let’s kick butt for 2019!!!! Failure is NOT an option!

2 thoughts on “Bustin’ Goals

  1. That is a lot of money! Who is over-seeing this? I will start with the challenge that starts on 1/7/19 this time~

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