Quick! Read This on Ways to Survive Holiday Temptations

We have arrived at the holiday season. I don’t know about you; but I am always looking for ways to enjoy time with others without over indulging to the point of no return.

Here are my 5 quick tips to survive temptations:

1) Only keep in the house things that you won’t get tempted from. I make sure that once the cookies are baked they get packed up and distributed. I also got a bunch of cookies from friends so I put them in the freezer to take out when my Sexy Viking wants some.

2) Eat prior to a gathering. I have found that if I eat something healthy and satisfying prior to a food gathering I am less likely to over-eat. Going somewhere hungry is setting us up for failure.

3) Try a taste of everything. It’s okay to eat! Put a spoonful of everything on your plate and take a bite. If there is something you really enjoy, go back for a little more. I also will use a dessert plate so I don’t feel like I have to fill my plate. The point is that we don’t have to deprive ourselves and can enjoy in moderation.

4) No self-hate allowed. If you go overboard, own it. We can’t be perfect all the time. It’s okay to say to yourself, “I’m eating what I want today.” If you feel like you over did it, then shrug and move on. If we beat ourselves up then we are more likely to get swept up in a toxic mental cycle.

5) Keep a bottle of water or cup of coffee in your hand. Sometimes we keep our hands (and mouths) busy by eating. Instead, sip on some coffee and have a good conversation with the person next to you.

Please share some of your tips!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

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