So You Want to Try Hair Extensions? Me too.

I need to start out by saying that I am NOT crafty. I am a fan of Pinterest though..

My hair is super thin. Yeah yeah yeah you may look at me in photos and THINK I have a glorious full head of hair- but that is an illusion ya’all…

I have wanted to try extensions… The Sexy Viking is NOT about it. He wants his downtoearth, boot-wearin’, hardly any makeup sharin’ woman. I am lucky girls. I do wonder if he will notice…

My hair is SO thin though… I am actually self-conscious about it. A few months ago a beautiful friend of mine GAVE me hundreds of dollars worth of real hair… it sat in my closet until today… and I’m going to tell you what I did with it.

Before taking on this task- I researched. ‘Cause that’s my nature. I knew I needed glue and some sort of wire.. this is what I went with:

Ok. Let me tell you I am not the crafty type- so this took some trial and error. The following is whattheheckidid to get one of those supercool halo hair thingys all created at my kitchen table.

1) Get the right hair. The hair I have is real hair. It feels beautiful. I can curl it and straighten it with my hair.

2) Measure the thing to fit your head. Basically I measured from ear to ear, but from behind my head. I cut 4 pieces. Layering ladies. Layering.

3) Glue matters. Sooooo I bought gorilla glue cause I was all “let’s do this”. Man.. that was a learning experience. I had to blow-dry it dry to get it all to go together. Other posts I read talked about having to re-wash the extensions and the glue giving out. I didn’t want to have to worry about that. So… just understand that the glue part was quite a learning curve.

4) What you are going to do is layer each piece to the one before.

5) Now it’s time to make the “headband”. Honestly I tried both fishing wire and the elastic bracelet making wire. Fishing was the way to go. I used a needle and sewed in the side. The trick is the trial and error to get the other side just right so it fits on your head. You can do it. Don’t get frustrated..

6) If I can figure this out.. so can you.. and I did.

7) It took some trial and error and re-sizing but OMG pretty darn cool and I LOVE it!

If feel amazing! Light weight and I can’t tell I’m wearing it.! So the real question is this… are you daring to try something like this?

One thought on “So You Want to Try Hair Extensions? Me too.

  1. Looks like fun! Can’t wait to see it! Guilty, I am the bearer of the thin hair that you inherited! However, you did get some curl from your handsome Dad! xo

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