4 Things to do When on the Motivation Struggle Bus

Have you ever been “stuck” with your health goals?

I will gladly raise my hand. I’ve been there. I’ve gone through the hills and valleys; where I feel super motivated and charged up on those hills and like I can’t do anything right in those valleys.

How do we grab ahold of that motivation and celebrate the hills?

1) Recognize we are human.

Yep. We are human. We make mistakes. We have bumps. It’s about progress NOT perfection. We have to learn to embrace our journey. Have you ever heard of a journey that was super easy and never went off course? I haven’t.

2) We are not on an island.

Beautiful people; we can’t do this alone. Even if we are so stubborn that we try. Something will give. When I started my journey I knew that I needed people who would support me, cheer me on, lift me up, and set me straight when I needed it. In Jan of 2017 I started a Facebook group looking for like-minded people. I found them!! I checked in daily and also checked in on them. That in itself kept me going! It still does. Who are your people?

3) “Fresh Start”

Sometimes we need a new perspective, a new plan, something new. We can feel like we are on a hamster wheel and frankly get bored. Complacency kills (if you are looking at it from a risk management perspective). If you are like me- you have tried every “diet” and plan known to man. Yes. I’ve done the hotdog and grapefruit diet. Some of these plans stuck. They motivated me to create healthy habits. I started Keto and Intermittent Fasting 3 months ago and that got me re-motivated. 17lbs and 4 inches gone in my belly later- I’m still on top of that hill. Does that mean Keto is “it”? Nope. It just means I’m riding the wave of motivation that I have right now.

4) Embrace the valley.

The valley is so important. There is much beauty to be seen. The valley teaches us and allows us to re-evaluate our thoughts. Wait. Stop for a moment and really envision a valley. If I close my eyes I see hills and mountains around me; looking huge and beautiful. I see things growing in the valley that I wouldn’t normally have seen if I lived on top of the hill. What we do in that valley matters. Don’t trash it up. Breathe and know the valley won’t be there forever so we need to enjoy it. Ok so what does that “look” like regarding health and weight loss? When I’m in the valley I don’t beat myself up. I don’t step on the scale every day expecting a loss. I acknowledge my struggles outloud. I take the time to focus on my mental health.

You have a story to tell. Focus on that story and don’t be afraid of success. Did you know that as humans we often fear success more than failure? Success is scary. Success has a lot of unknowns. Failure doesn’t. I know what failure feels like. What would it look like if you were successful?

With all of this in mind; my wish for you is to embrace who you are, realize you aren’t alone, and be okay with the valleys.



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Let me know what helps keep you motivated!

3 thoughts on “4 Things to do When on the Motivation Struggle Bus

  1. Thank you for your clear and pleasant view of the circle of life. The other day at school, I watched the boys and girls playing jump rope in the gym. Watching them concentrate on the rope as it worked its way down again, they prepared for jumping in and making it on that downward turn of the rope. Sometimes they made it and sometimes they don’t, but they did not give up. Same as in our life, preparing for the down turn and being confidently ready to JUMP! xo

  2. What a beautifully written post. I definitely need to follow your tips especially as I am thinking about all the things I’d like to achieve in 2019! Thanks for sharing, Melis

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