My Top Three Favorite Keto Recipes

My biggest challenge starting Keto was what to eat. I am not known for my domestic abilities and I am a self-proclaimed “grazer”; but I needed to have a few go-to things to make.

When choosing a recipe I look for a few things:

*Doesn’t take long to make

*Not a lot of ingredients

*Will my Sexy Viking eat it

The follow Recipes are my go-to! They met the qualifications of easy to make, not a lot of ingredients, and Sexy Viking approved! I do not have the specific nutritional ingredients for them just the overall Keto goal of low carbs, moderate protein, and high fat.

The Broccoli Ranch Chicken Bake was so easy to make. It also was satisfying with tons of flavor. The family loved it and asks for it often!

Keto Breakfast Cups are fun because you can modify with so many different ingredients. Add mushrooms, onion, etc. I will put 2 each in a baggie and meal prep for the week with them. You can also freeze them.

Um. Yum. I like the Chicken Crust Pizza better than cauliflower crust or fathead. It was so hearty and one slice filled me up. I also reheated and had enough for multiple meals.

Keto has been good to me. In 3 months I’ve lost 17 pounds and no longer crave sugar and carbs. What has helped is go-to recipes and snacks.

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21 thoughts on “My Top Three Favorite Keto Recipes

  1. The first recipe appeals most to me. I found that the keto combined with the omad diets have worked best for me, so I am always looking for low carbs recipes for my dinners.

  2. I do not know which of these three recipes to choose because they are all very curious and tasty because my idea was to make one for an intimate dinner with my beloved Zak! What do you suggest me?

  3. I have got to try chicken crusted pizza! I recently found out that I could become a diabetic as I age so I have started looking for recipes to reduce carbohydrates. This is a great alternative.

  4. These are Keto? I thought Keto was high fat, moderate protein, and low carb. Either way, thanks for sharing! I’m sure it will benefit plenty.

  5. Many people today favouring the keto diet. Heard from many and I need to check out this. But the above recipe looks delicious. I need to try. Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow, you lost 17 pounds in only 3 months? That’s awesome! Especially that you’re no longer craving for sugar and carbs, which is such a healthy lifestyle. I should definitely look into keto. Thanks for sharing this!

  7. All of these three recipes looks delicious and i definitely try all of them. Thanks for sharing.

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