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Whether it is birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or just because..  getting my Sexy Viking a gift is always challenging.  This man has EVERYTHING..  and if he doesn’t, he buys it before I have a chance to!  I am always trying to get him something “different” and this means TONS of google searching and FaceBook pleas for help.  Recently my man actually said to me, “I always love what you get me because it is always something cool.”  Really??!!!  Well then what I am doing is working!

So, I wanted to share with you some of the things I have gotten for my man, and some of the things in my shopping cart!  These items were purchased with hours of research, blood, sweat, and tears to make sure it was the best rated, price, and quality.  Sharing is caring, right?

Under Armour Thermal Shirt

My husband works in the heat and the cold.  The cold is no joke.  He is outside for hours at a time and it is important that he is warm!  Under Armour isn’t cheap, but the quality is amazing.  When I was deployed to a cold area I invested in an Under Armour shirt, leggings, and shorts.  Now years later, the quality is still holding up!

Military Tactical Backpack

I know it may seem strange to get my Army vet a tactical backpack when he already has quite a few.  However, he has one for hiking, one for hunting, and I wanted to get him another for his work gear.  The price on this was very inexpensive and the quality amazing.  I actually bought two more for my boys!

High Powered Portable Charger

This charger rocks.  My husband is out in the field for an extensive amount of time and his phone kept dying.  This charger lasts through about 8-10 full charges!  It can also charge multiple things at once.

Plasma Cutter

Yes…  a plasma cutter.  My husband loves to use his welder and all his other toys, but he would talk and talk about wanting a plasma cutter.  These babies are NOT cheap.  I researched online for weeks to find a good one that was inexpensive and stumbled upon this one.  It was less than $200!  The joy on that man’s face when he got this gift was priceless.  Now he can make me lots of cool decor 😉

Trunk Organizer

We are jeepers.  Both my husband and I go off-roading in our jeeps and often times we don’t know what to do with important supplies such as the tire pressure gauge, food, drinks, straps..  I saw this and knew it was perfect.  It fits right in the back of the jeep and can even get hooked down for stability.  It even has a built-in cooler spot!

Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

My husband did not expect this gift…and he was shocked at how cool it was.  I wanted to get him a “keepsake” that he could also use.  This is a solid knife and it is so unique!

The most awesome Double Cot Tent

We like to go camping as a couple and family.  One summer we went camping on the beach with a regular tent and the sand is not forgiving.  It felt like we were sleeping on cement!  I decided that a cot tent to fit both of us was needed.  He LOVES it!  We have used this on multiple occasions now.

Yes… a Viking Drinking Horn

What do you get your Sexy Viking?  A Viking Drinking Horn, of course!  I got this idea from a FB post asking friends for ideas.  One of my friends suggested this and I just HAD to.  My husband loves to drink his Mountain Dew from this baby!

Funny Beard Shirts

I did not get him a shirt in pink.  However, men with beards need awesome shirts about being a bearded man!

The best beard products

If your man has an awesome beard like mine does, they need their products.  I loved this set because it smelled soooooo good and made his beard look amazing!

Finally, in an effort to connect with my man and play a video game together I got him this!

I am super excited about us working together on this game.  It had awesome reviews and the cost was decent!

There are more things I have gotten my unique man, but I wanted to share a few.  I hope you were able to get some good ideas!  Comment and let me know of other unique ideas you have gotten for your man because I am always looking for new ones!  Also share this with your friends so they can help come up with ideas too!!

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