My Adventures in StichFix

Hi everyone! I wanted to report on my first StichFix experience.

What is StichFix? StichFix is a service where you get your own “personal stylist” who picks outfits for you. You receive the items to your door, try it on, keep what you want, and return the rest.

I have been trying to “upgrade” my wardrobe because, ya know, it isn’t the ’90s anymore.. I also have lost over 100 pounds and I think it is time I wear things that are complementary on me instead of too big or too tight.

Pre-weight loss “style”
Post-weight loss “style”

So this is what I thought of my very first StichFix experience:

1) LOVE the jeans! I think they are more comfortable than anything I own! However, they were a bit too big in the waist.

2) Earrings are cute and not ones I would normally buy, so I was excited about something different.

3) Everything was just a smidge too big. That is my fault because I thought I was….bigger.

4) Style- I wanted something I could wear at work or out. I don’t like the green top because I’m so picky in necklines. The black cardigan is something I already own. The polka dot shirt was okay… but I thought it was bland too. I felt like I was a librarian. This service goes off of my style preferences so this tells me I need to adjust what I put down.

Cute but…
Shirt was just too big
Not a fan of the neckline

5) I’m sending it all back. StichFix is something I’m “rewarding” myself with for my weight loss and my goal is to not settle. Even though the jeans were so comfortable I think they were a smidge big too. (A 30” waist was too big for me!!). Since I’m already too small (OMG I said that!) for my cute clothes I bought in the summer- I need solid things I will wear for a while.

6) My goal in using StichFix is to build upon my wardrobe and to get some good clothing pieces that I will wear “forever”. Since the cost is not as cheap as my normal Target or Maurice’s I don’t want things that I will only wear once.

Cost if I wanted to keep items

StichFix provides a return bag and shipping is paid. I am also going to now give great feedback on what was in my order.

Even though I didn’t keep anything, I’m pretty happy! It costs $20 each time the stylist puts my order together and I think it was worth it to see what I really want and also figure out my “fit”. I can delay myorder whenever I want or request one sooner. I’ll give StichFix about 2 more tries to see if this is worth it or not.

I want to hear from you- do you use a service like this? What are your thoughts?

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11 thoughts on “My Adventures in StichFix

  1. Great idea! I think it is fun to experiment and step out of our style comfort zone. LOL, but personally I’ll stick with my oldies but goodies~

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss! Big achievement! Great idea to reward yourself with a personal stylist tool. It’s a very decent price, I hope you have more luck on your second try!

  3. Thats’s awesome. Hey that would be a great treat for oneself to try out a service like that to swtich things up. I always wondered about the clothing subscription, but I’m happy that you got good results from it.

  4. I have been really curious about StichFix, it’s neat to see your experience. The only thing that has stopped me from trying is the styling fee – but if it does work out, it does sound worthwhile! It looks like it is helping you better define your style, which I think is definitely worthwhile!

  5. Congratulations on losing all that weight! It takes a lot of work and self control. I lost quite a bit a couple of years ago. I also wanted to change my style to match my new look, but it got overwhelming going from store to store trying things on. It sounds like the styling fee would be totally worth it.

  6. I LOVE Stitch Fix!! My husband got me a subscription as a present a few years ago and I get a box every three months. It’s the perfect way to update my clothes with stuff I might not pick out otherwise! And congratulations on your weight loss journey! You should be very proud!

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