Keeping Up With the Butterflies

*sappy, girly post. Read at your own risk*

Whenever the Anniversary of “The Day We Met” comes around… I just can’t help myself and get all mushy about my Sexy Viking. He was my Christmas miracle.

Our Love Story (points if you watch the whole thing!) is one that I just did not expect. We came into each other’s life at a time when we both thought we would be “single forever”. God had other plans, of course.

I want to take some time today talking about how we stay connected even when apart. The Sexy Viking works away from home so it takes work to stay connected. In order to keep the butterflies going- I do a few things.

1) We text good morning, I love you; and goodnight, I love you– no matter what.

2) I send cute kissy selfies

3) We text about our day and offer support- even when I’m freaking out about my eyebrows.

4) I send goofy photos and memes to try to make him smile

5) We video chat and spend our time laughing

6) We make plans to do things when he is home

7) We make every effort to include the other person even when we aren’t together. Recently we put up the tree but left the topper for the Sexy Viking to put up.

8) We play online games together

9) When I miss him I make music videos about him like this one: All I want is HIM for Christmas

Those are a few of the things we do to stay connected during the times we are apart. I would love to hear yours!

Please comment the things you do to feel connected with your significant other when you can’t be together!

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