Today… in the Misadventures of Kristen..

I woke up today with a few goals.. 1) Get my steps in 2) hydrate and increase my water 3) get my errands done.

Goal 2 was toast- I totally hydrated.

As I was on my way to accomplish #3, I heard a clunk noise from the car. Now- I was not driving my beloved jeep but instead the 2000 VW… saving gas. The noise sounded like maybe I was dragging something. I pulled over to the side of the highway to look. Tires were fine. Nothing hanging or coming from underneath. Popped the hood- it looked fine (as far as this gal could tell..)

Went back in the VW and even though it was running, I couldn’t get it to shift into drive. Tried reverse. Nope. Crap…

I sat in the VW for a good 20 minutes… wishing it to just work. Nope. Not my miracle today. I did a little “google research” and all that came back were blaring words like “transmission”…

Since I was not near home, or even a store… (I was in TheMiddleofnowhere, TX) I decided a tow was in order… USAA was very helpful. They even sent me a text with the tow ETA. 75 minutes out.

Wait. Goal #2. I gotta pee… Pray for me!.

Perfect shirt for the occasion

35 thoughts on “Today… in the Misadventures of Kristen..

  1. Eek, what a day. Is your car okay? I love USAA. When we were stranded, they sent help out pretty quickly too.

  2. Sorry to hear about your misadventure. Hope it worked out. I like your shirt by the way!

  3. At least you accomplished most of your goals for that day.. I hate car issues!

  4. Well crap, not the best of days for your bladder OR your car!! At least you wore the right T-shirt… appropriate. Lol! 🙂

  5. That is terrible! I will have a really bad day if our car having noise as same yours while traveling. It’s frustrating and really annoying. But you have cute shirt anyways ☺

  6. Oh there Kristen, so sorry about your misfortune. I hope you brought a book with you to accomplish goal #4, read 500 pages a day. Warren Buffet credits reading 500 pages a day to his fortune. I could barely do 5 or even 50 at max.

    1. I never heard of the 500 pages a day! I love that! I have been doing audible lately and listen during my drive to work. I hope that “counts”!

  7. Sounds like a busy day you have ahead. That shirt is awesome. I think I must have mine too.

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