Intermittent Fasting… The Space Between Meals

Over the past year I have had about 25 pounds of extra weight creep up on me. Maybe it didn’t creep- but it felt like I woke up one day and all of a sudden my clothes were tighter and I felt more sluggish…

When I looked back on my habits from the year I realized my late night snacking, love of nachos, bites (ok more than a bite) of sweets, and decreasing amount of inactivity welcomed the 25 pounds with open arms. My motivation to change was low. I love nachos! I love cake! I’m tired and don’t want to exercise! However, something needed to be done.

I decided to eliminate the sugars and starches from my diet and followed the Keto concept. I’ve tried Keto in the past and never could seem to stick to it. This time, I added in intermittent fasting (IF).

Going hours without eating was such a scary idea for me! What if I’m STARVING? I love food.. what if I lose energy?

During my first IF I decided to fast from 4pm-2pm the next day. I armed myself with Powerade Zero, and things to pass the time. Boredom tends to be a trigger for me, so I made sure my schedule was jam packed.

When 2pm hit- I wasn’t even hungry! I felt amazing- more energy, and even a sense of “peace”. I made the decision to add IF into my nutrition plan.

There are different ways to incorporate IF into our lives. I now do a daily IF- I only eat between the hours of 12pm-8pm. A key to IF is also monitoring macros during the eating time. If I binge eat or eat my nachos and cake from 12-8pm, then I am defeating the purpose. I was relived that my sugar cravings and overall hunger was decreased and I craved healthy, wholesome food.

Since starting IF and eliminating sugars and starches I have lost 14 pounds of that 25 pound gain. I am not at the level of exercise I was at in the past, but I do about 3 days a week of strength training.

I want to hear from you! Have you tried IF? Any tips on how it works for you? Please share your story!

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5 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting… The Space Between Meals

  1. You and I certainly are related! On our Bariatric group page today someone had posted the first chart about IF. I saved the post to work with later when I felt I had time. This blog today actually reinforced me that I can’t make changes by saving posts for “later”. Do it now. Thank you for addressing this important issue that seems to loom in many minds. XO

  2. I tried IF, it worked wonders for me. But when I started a new medication, IF was not encouraged. I gained weight again. But once I’m off my meds, I’m planning to do IF again. This post is really informative.

    1. I’m glad to hear how IF was helpful! Definitely need to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding the meds. I am planning on a longer fast this week- and a friend is doing it with me for added support!

    1. I do the 8pm to noon continuously. I did take a break over the holidays but noticed it just felt natural now to stop eating at 8 and I’m not hungry in the AM. The IF has just become a way I eat now. The 4pm to noon fast is something I try to do weekly.
      Some people do it ongoing and some do it for a few months to help weight loss- I think it just depends on you and what works best for your body.

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