Day of Thanks

This Thanksgiving we started a “tradition” of setting aside the “normal” turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes- and do something outdoors as a family.

We ventured to Enchanted Rock- which is located by Fredericksburg, TX. (This state park has large moon-looking rocks and you can camp, hike, and even rappel.)

The first thing I discovered was that climbing on rocks was more of a workout than I realized. A few minutes in I said to myself, “Wait- this isn’t a sprint- we are here to take in all around us!”

After about a mile or so of hiking and selfies, we decided to find a spot to rappel. The only other time I did rappelling was during Officer Training School for the Air Force. It was definitely more fun to do it with my 16 year old and handsome husband.

We spent a few hours of learning some techniques (my husband is a great teacher) and exploring the side of a big rock. We had laughter, adventure, and memories were built.

As we found our way back to the car, I couldn’t help but be grateful for my life and the blessings I have. This time last year I would have never done this. I would have tried to make a perfect Thanksgiving feast, and have perfect things planned. This year, we chose to try new things, and push ourselves to step outside of the box.

I hope you had a memorable Thanksgiving and took some time to cherish your blessings and loved ones.

3 thoughts on “Day of Thanks

  1. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks and what better way than to spend your day with Mother Nature and appreciate her beauty!! Beautiful pictures!!

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