I wrote this Nov 30, 2015. I had been continually praying for a man that I could love wholeheartedly and who would love me the same. I prayed for a “love miracle “. Yes! That is exactly what I would say in my prayers.

I met my husband 6 days after writing this. ❤️


The Dance

The music starts, drifting softly over the open dance floor

He scans the crowd as couples pair up, letting the music entice their mood

His eyes fall on her, watching the scene unplay, eager, desiring

You dance with me, baby

Pulling me closely

Holding one arm up in the air

Staring in my eyes so deeply

I feel your heart beating, as I’m pinned to you and can go nowhere

I pull away, fingers still entwined in yours

Spinning outward towards somewhere

And she sighed

So fearful of unknowns

Protecting what is left

Not trusting herself anymore

Easier to not let one close

Torn by hope and what ifs

Discouraged because of how tough the road would be

Knowing there have been no survivors

Capable parties few and far between

Believing in miracles

Waiting for hers

Knowing it’s out there

Faith in God’s Word

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