Fortune Favors the Bold

Dear Mom,

My beautiful, soft-hearted, loving mom. For so many years you have put everything and everyone before you. You are a true caretaker; selflessly ensuring the well-being of all of us.

It’s your turn. For so long I have seen you proceed with caution. The unfamiliar world of taking care of you; finding yourself; creating an identity beyond the caretaker.

Don’t take too long. Don’t overthink. Just do. Life is too short and the timing will never be perfect, the timing is now.

You have such an amazing voice; and you have let the unknown hold you back from sharing your story. There is someone out there who needs your story; and you can impact their life.

I recently read something (of course I can’t remember where I read it) that talked about what we do with our time on earth. That we shouldn’t live with regrets, and not to waste time on waiting for the right moment.

Mom- you already love fiercely; now it’s time to follow your heart and passion and do it with confidence. You are MY example of a strong woman and have made me into the woman I am today.

4 thoughts on “Fortune Favors the Bold

  1. Good morning lovely lady of my heart~
    You sure know how to create a challenge for this woman. Let’s talk more and see how I can bring to the here and now, all of the then and before. There are fears I will need to overcome and not be afraid to make myself naked and vulnerable.
    But you are right, there is a lot of story to tell and who knows, maybe it would give even one person comfort in their own journey.
    Love always~

  2. What a perfect homage to an amazing woman! My mother has passed but I turn all my attention to honoring my Mother In Law who is so WILDLY stedfast in what she does. We would literally fall apart if it wasn’t for her support and strength. This was a great reminder of that. Thank you for writing these words down.

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