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I have always been a reader. Growing up I would search the school and town libraries for books on all kinds of topics- love, adventure, drama… I would explore the classics; I would search for something to challenge my mind.

As I got older, I continued to read but struggled with WHAT to read. Also, I found that when I did read- I would get tired! Thank goodness for #audible because now I can read in the cracks of life.

I thought I would share some recent books that have set my heart and soul on fire. Sharing is caring, right?

This book by Brene Brown was life-changing. She explained shame and vulnerability in such a way that I finally understood why I do and say certain things and the challenges that kept me from truly connecting with others.

I read this next Brene Brown book about a month ago, just in time for our midterm elections where differences were creating a heightened conflict. What I was able to understand is that we are all human- and when there are differences we tend to de-humanize in order to deal with our own fears. Wow!

I started this journal from Kaylene Yoder after doing her 7-Day fast challenge. Wow. I learned how to remove distractions and focus on what was on my heart. sent me a daily devotion and it was just what I needed. I decided to continue after the 7 days and bought her 40-day journal.

In my clinical work I had heard of this book off and on for years. It was discussed by men who were struggling with the depths of their hearts and where they fit in their walk with God. I decided to read it for myself. I figured that maybe this would help me understand the men in my life. All I can say is YES! Eye opening!

Something that the author shares that stuck out to me is this:

Man’s deep desire in their heart:

A battle to fight

An adventure to live

A beauty to rescue

Woman’s deep desires in her heart:

To be pursued and fought for

An adventure to share

To unveil her beauty

Finally, I recently purchased this book. The reviews talk about how this gives insight into what men need, what they don’t express, and how to empathize with the man in your life. One thing I know, is that as a wife I have a responsibility to fight for my marriage- and that I can only change ME. I am willing to look at multiple perspectives to understand my husband better.

I also have some fiction books I have read, but I have struggled getting in to a good story. Some of it may be because of where I am at in my life, and that I don’t have “time” for surface level stories. I want a good drama- one that makes me think and feel. Also, with audible- the narrator matters.

Please share what you are currently reading! You never know who you can influence by sharing what moves you!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post 📖 📚

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