This is something I wrote in July 2015… it was a yearning..

I met my husband 5 months later after constant prayer for God to bless me with a man I could love wholeheartedly and would love me the same.

When I read it now, it makes me think of my Sexy Viking- and how he came into my life when I least expected it and needed him most.

She had washed up upon the shore one day. 
Hair a mess, in clumps with dirt, pieces of shells, seaweed entangled.
Clothes were torn, ragged, must have been from rocks or drift wood she may have grabbed onto along the way.
She had cuts and bruises, some healed, some new, from where the sea had tossed her around.
She laid there dirty, covered in sand, partially sunburned, barely breathing.
He saw her laying there, curious of what brought her to the shore. 
Slowly he approached.  He saw that she was indeed breathing but her lips were dry and cracked.
He touched her shoulder, but she didn’t move.   “Hello?  Are you ok?”  He said.  She didn’t respond. 
He grabbed for the canteen inside his pack, opened her mouth a little, and poured some water to give her a drink.  She didn’t respond.  He wiped some of her hair away from her face, and that is when he saw a large, deep cut with blood on the side of her head.  The bleeding must have stopped because hair was tangled in the dried blood. 
He looked around, it was starting to get dark, and with the sun setting it would not be a good idea to stay out in the open in this area.  He touched his left hip where he kept the hatchet, the only thing he had..  just in case.  It was about 6 miles inland to set up camp for the night, and he decided that would be a better place to go, where he could tend to her wounds and get them something to eat. 
He put his pack on and picked her up, lifting her over his shoulder; ascending along the sand dunes away from the sea, towards the darkness of the land, where he smelled that danger again.

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