For too long I have drifted through the days, weeks, months being physically present but not emotionally. It has taken some life events to show me that my focus has been a source of the problem.

I believed that because I had more time with my family- I was succeeding. I believed that because I put my family as a priority, there wasn’t much else I needed to do.

There was. I wasn’t using my time in a way to glorify God. I would go through my days, feeling lost. I would avoid being an active participant in activities. Sure- I was there, but I really wasn’t ALL there.

Recently I started fasting for my marriage. It started with an 18 hour fast removing social media and only drinking water. That fast was life-changing and eye opening. During that time I prayed, read, and sang. I was able to see that I needed God to change my heart. I have always known that praying is something special for me, and God convicted me to return to prayer and to Him.

This past week I started another 18 hour fast. Within a few hours, I saw the enemy attack! As I felt closer to God and a peace in my heart the enemy attempted to take hold of my marriage and tear it apart. Because I had grown closer to God- I was able to stand firm. I had no fear and no doubt. I felt God’s presence and knew that He wouldn’t let evil win.

Love wins. All the time.

I decided to start blogging. I feel like God’s glory in my life cannot be kept a secret. I also know that so often we can feel alone in our struggles. I felt alone. I want you to know that you are never alone. I want to share my experiences because maybe it will help someone.

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